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Vacuums Review by
Vacuums Review by
Are you looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your home or office? Do you want to find a vacuum cleaner that is powerful, yet easy to use? Check out our review of the top five vacuums on the market today. ###

Are you looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your home or office? Do you want to find a vacuum cleaner that is powerful, yet easy to use? Check out our review of the top five vacuums on the market today. ###

The Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, there are a few factors to consider. How big is the room? What type of flooring is it? Is the room regularly cleaned or does it need more attention? And lastly, how much money are you willing to spend?

The best vacuum for hardwood floors is different for every person. Some people prefer bagless machines because they claim this type of machine sucks up more dirt and debris. Other people may prefer a stick vacuum because they find that it maneuvers around tight corners and crevices better.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the best vacuums for hardwood floors:

1. Dyson DC17 Animal Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum cleaner - This vacuum has been considered one of the best on the market for years. It’s expensive, but it definitely delivers on its promise of cleaning hardwood floors well. It has several features that make it great for hardwood floors, like an animal hair roller and telescopic wand with digital suction control. This machine can be bulky if you have a small space, but it’s worth it if you want to get your floor clean without all the hassle.

2. Hoover Hard Floor Upright - Another highly-rated vacuum on the market is the Hoover Hard Floor Upright . It’s affordable, lightweight and easy to maneuver around tight spaces. It also has a wide path width which means it

The Best Vacuum for Carpet

If you're looking for the best vacuum for carpets, we have a few recommendations. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is our top pick because of its powerful suction and wide platform. It also has a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that it will last. The Bissell Big Green Cleaner is another great option, thanks to its impressive cleaning power and easy-to-use features. And the Eureka Pet Smart Deluxe Upright Vacuum is perfect if you have a lot of pet hair to clean up!

The Best Vacuum for Tile and Grout

Tile and grout are some of the most delicate surfaces that a vacuum can come in contact with. They need to be cleaned carefully and thoroughly to avoid any damage.

Here are five of the best vacuums for tile and grout:

1. Dyson Ball Animal HEPA Special Edition Vacuum Cleaner
This is a highly rated vacuum cleaner made specifically for cleaning tile and grout. It has an animal-hair filtration system that traps more dirt, dust, and debris than other vacuums. The flexible suction head is designed to contour around tight spaces, making it perfect for cleaning tiles andgrout.

2. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum cleaner
This vacuum cleaner from Bissell features a detachable pet hair eraser that makes it easy to clean up after your furry friend. It also has a crevice tool for getting into difficult spots, an on/off switch, 10 foot power cord, 6 amp motor, and a washable filter.

3. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Blue/Turquoise
This stick vacuum from Hoover comes with a lithium ion battery that provides long lasting power. It also includes a crevice tool for getting into tight spaces, on/off switch, 20 foot power cord, 2 amp motor, and a turbo mode that speeds up the cleaning process by up to three times*. This is perfect for

The Best Vacuum for Upholstery

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a vacuum for upholstery. First, the size of the room and the type of upholstery will determine what type of vacuum is necessary. For small rooms with low-pile furniture, a canister or handheld vac may be sufficient. However, if large sections of furniture are involved or if high-pile furnishings are present, a sweeper or upright vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment may be necessary.

In addition to the room size and type of furniture, other factors to consider when choosing a vacuum for upholstery include the carpeting's type and condition, as well as the amount of dirt and debris that will be encountered. Some vacuums come equipped with special filters designed for this purpose; others utilize suction to effectively pick up small pieces of debris. Finally, it is important to consider how often the vacuum will need to be used; some models are designed for occasional use while others are better suited for regular use.

Some popular upright vacuum cleaners designed specifically for cleaning upholstery include the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner (pictured), Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Hoover Linx Cordless Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner - Black/Blue, and Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 8901A Upright Vacuum - PowerHose Att

The Worst Vacuum for Allergies

People with allergies should avoid vacuum cleaners that use dust mites as their main source of filtration. These machines are often linked to asthma, rhinitis, and other respiratory problems. The worst vacuum for allergies is the Dyson Ball Animal, which uses a dust mite filter. Other machines that should be avoided include the Hoover Wind Tunnel, the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Upright, and the Shark Navigator Lift-Away.

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Vacuums Review by

Vacuums Review by